Demolition of buildings

“Cras”: the secret of better controlled demolitions

Demolition of buildings with minimal impact and maximum results

The uses of "Cras" are almost limitless. Neither previous experience nor formal authorizations are necessary for the handling of CRAS. This material is used in both domestic and large building demolitions. In demolitions carried out in areas of road, this product allows a more discreet and comfortable work, avoiding traffic courts because there is no risks of  noise or vibration in the work area.

Clean and economical demolition of buildings

The most advanced nations in the construction industry have imposed more than six decades ago the use of expansive mortar for demolition of building projects as an alternative that minimizes the invasive risks inherent to traditional demolition. This product, of universal application, distributed by the company Kayati, meets the requirements of all sorts of projects, from the smallest to the largest, at all times, offering a degree of amazing profitability.

Demolition of buildings and other uses of "Cras"

For demolition of buildings, emptied between buildings, demolition of concrete structures (dams, footings, walls, dams, piers, etc..) or underwater demolitions, among others, "Cras" is chosen for its low impact on the environment in which it is applied. The technology envisioned by the Spanish construction industry is now available to everyone. Contact the company Kayati, that will supply to you all the information and advice needed to maximize the use of "Cras".