Advantages of CRAS

CRAS is a technology demanded by a large number of professionals (architects, technical architects, etc.) as well as by constructors in general, as there are a large number of projects in which EXPLOSIVES CANNOT BE USED FOR SAFETY REASONS. This is the main advantage it has over explosives.

CRAS advantages on heavy machinery are:

  • Accessibility
  • Speed (20 times quicker than with hydraulic hammers)
  • Zero vibration (without vibration or hammering).
  • Much cheaper.

The singular features of CRAS render the use of heavy machinery obsolete. This machinery, however, can be used for rubble removal, after demolition work has been completed with CRAS.

Manual machinery and pneumatic hammers cause much more fatigue and hard work than CRAS. They are very slow and expensive and, in short, are obsolete for certain jobs.