Demolition projects

“Cras”: a first-class partner in your demolition projects

Count on “Cras” in your future demolition projects

Any demolition project which uses the new technology is not explosive "Cras", it is much cheaper and faster. This mortar provides a high performance demolition, ensuring total absence of vibrations. The use of this material requires no experience or authorization, so their use is available to anyone. The company Kayati advises on the multiple uses of "Cras" and will advise you on everything you need.

The best way to success in your demolition projects

There are many types of demolition project where the expansive cement "Cras" is demanded. Emptied of car parks, underwater demolitions, emptied between buildings, site clearance for buildings or large clearings, among others, are developed with a 100% success thanks to the unique qualities of this material. Kayati will provide the amount of product you want and also makes available a drilling service at really competitive prices.

Integral service in your demolition projects

For your safety, in your first demolition project with expansive cement "Cras", a representative of the firm Kayati will be present and answer all your doubts and questions. "Cras" is fifteen times faster than any other demolition and offers high performance and value / price 8Kg/m3. Ask about conditions, availability and special rates through the Web.